My brother died of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) shortly before I came on this brand launch.   

I didn’t need to read a brief. I was a walking brief. When you or someone you love has Stage IV terminal lung cancer, the second you process it, you jump in with every fiber of your being. 

Research showed I was like most people. Info-seeker max. Looking for the best doctors, the best treatment.  Looking for shared experience. Talking to everyone. About everything.  

Our charge was twofold: to make sure that anyone with NSCLC get tested for the ALK+ biomarker (and any others) early on. Then see if Xalkori could be your big ticket to stay on the planet for a while.


Cut to the chase. Be human. Be clear. Give hope (as much as you can push through from a regulatory perspective.)  Visually, we kept the information easy access. Scrolling info over a still image and a fly-out nav to ground the user at all times.  

We wanted saying “Let’s Talk” to your doctor to be the most natural thing in the world.